Princess StarSeed

Our Ten Feathered Friends hold positive qualities that support children in making good day to day choices. "Click" on the play buttons to learn more about each Feathered Friend and how you can be like them.

Our Ten Feathered Friends!


Bluey can always find ways to be happy, no matter what. His heart is filled with lots of giggles that he wants to share with all his friends. If you need a chirpy smile, just call for Bluey. Bluey knows how to be happy. Can you think of ways that you can be happy like Bluey?


Rufus is the most curious of the gang. He wonders about everything and the tiniest sparkle will catch his curiosity. He especially loves it when his friends are curious with him. Rufus knows how to be curious about life! Can you think of some ways that you can be curious like Rufus?


Rooter is the bravest of all the gang and is also very adventurous. He tells his friends that choosing to be brave can feel really good especially when they are a little afraid. Rooter knows how to be brave. Can you think of some ways that you can be brave like Rooter?


Nibble is a very smart bird. He loves learning about nature, science and everything around him. He likes friends to follow him into playful learning. Nibble knows how to be smart, especially with his heart! Can you think of some ways that you can be smart like Nibble?


Chewy is the youngest of our feathered friends. She is so silly and playful. She invites her friends to be playful too. Being playful helps you to use your great imagination. Chewy knows how to be playful. Can you think of some ways that you can be really playful?


Sunny loves everyone! He wants everyone to be a friend to someone. He loves meeting new friends like you! Sunny believes that everyone needs a friend. Friends makes us feel good inside. Can you think of some ways that you can be a great friend to someone?


Lucy is kind to all her friends and everyone around her. She has kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions, which are really important things to learn. She is gentle, loving and considerate of others. Can you think of some ways that you can be kind like Lucy?


Joey is grateful for everything around him: friends, his feathered family, food, nature, and everything in the universe! Joey knows that having a thankful heart helps you to feel good inside. Can you think of things that make you grateful?


Crystal is very polite. She always uses her manners like please, thank you and excuse me. When she talks to her friends, she uses nice words like please and thank you to show how much she loves and cares for them. Can you think of some ways to be polite like Crystal?

Can you be like our FEATHERED FRIENDS?


Skipper is filled with lots of energy! She loves to help her friends with any problems they have. She looks for ways to help her friends feel better when they are having a difficult time or feeling sad. Can you think of some ways that you can be helpful like Skipper?