Princess StarSeed


Princess StarSeed and her Feathered Friend, Bloozey, are two intergalactic travelers docked in their Discovery Star Ship, directly above the planet earth. Our mission? Bringing intellectual, social and emotional awareness to children through videos, interactive books and live presentations. Our Focus? Empowerment. Enrichment. Education.

We play two real life characters known as Princess Starseed & her Feathered Friend, Bloozey, two intergalactic characters here to support the children of the planet earth. We teach children through songs, stories, and their playful imaginations. Every video teaches simple life skills revolving around, “exploration, problem solving and resolution,” that children can apply in their young lives and ultimately carry well into their adulthood.

Leslie Paramore (Princess Starseed) is an international children's author with over 70 ESL books published. Some of her stories have been produced into Korean television shows and cartoons. Sher is a life coach and empowerment presenter. Leslie holds a background in Early Childhood Education, with courses in human relations and child Psychology, along with being a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. She is an online course instructor for the empowerment of adults with courses in over 90 countries. Scott Paramore (Bloozey) is a video graphics artist who has had his work featured all over the world. He is a Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner and healer of hearts. He loves being an empowering children's presenter as he plays the role of our Feathered Friend, Bloozey.